It's Monday, Charlie Brown!

Is that title for this post Jim?  I feel like it's Jim.  

Credit application for my food purveyor has been submitted.  Doing a tax-exempt form for Cash and Carry, and I have three recipes ready in hopes that by five pm tomorrow I will have a heat-stable horseradish flavor to use on Wednesday.  It just came out of R&D for one of the companies I have used during this whole boondoggle.  They were the ones who produced the flavoring I loved, but cooked off during processing.  I hope that they don't use anything that is on the forbidden list for Whole Foods, who I hope to get my product into.  I do not have a problem, personally, with anything on their forbidden list, but it would be a bad business decision on my part to cut them out as a retailer, and I already sourced a prepared horseradish that does not contain any artificial preservatives and flavors so I might as well keep moving in that direction.

The label is tight to where I want it for the first couple of years.  Once the recipe is finished then I will finalize the nutrition information, and have the printer put the barcode on it.  Bottles and lids are all sorted out.

After I finish writing this, I am going to move on to dealing with some stuff for advertising purposes and will be bringing in some apropos products to do a photo shoot with.  If anyone wants to help me eat some shellfish in the next few weeks, give me a shout.  We'll have to do something with it when the shoot is over.

I spent some time moonlighting with a catering company on a T.V. show set last week, which was fun.  Didn't see any famous people, nor would I share anything here if I had as it's not my business and I would like to pick up a few more days with them.  The hours that those kitchen crews do it tough, and right now they are dealing with some insanely cold temperatures, but I know there is a payoff for them.  I would love to work with them full-time, but I respect my bosses for giving me a break when they did, and I really want to get this thing off the ground.  I REEEEEAAAALLLYYYYY want to get this off the ground, but it need to be right.