A Label By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet

I met with the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food yesterday both for business registration and label compliance.  I have the okee dokie to go ahead from the state as far as my product goes, but the label needed a few font and spacing adjustments, and after talking with the label manufacturer they couldn't use my label anyway because some of the design work on the Principal Design Panel was pixelated.

So, last night on my night off from my "day" job, I spent learning to use Adobe Illustrator.  Well saying I "learned" it is a bit of a streeeeeetch.  I figured out enough of it to draw some lines and type stuff.  Unfortunately, the pyramid design I had Gucci'd into the background of the original PDP could not be imported so I had to create new ones. I also decided to turn down the opacity on them instead of shadowing them in.  It's a little cleaner design now and still keeps the spirit of the original design.

As soon as the label is finalized I can move onto a big test batch production.  I am still waiting on the FDA to approve my home office as storage space for internet sales.

The first ad will be out some time next week.  I am a little bummed that I don't have a salable product yet, but we are doing it right, not quickly, and it will be ready only part way into the run of the magazine as it is only published twice a year.  So, I am bummed, but still pretty excited.

I can't wait for this to be out and for sale so I can move onto a few more ideas. And, hopefully, move in to some new markets.