Adjust Seasoning to Taste

Made the first real test batch, and I found the flavor to be right on, except for one of them is not strong enough.  So I have ordered a few different types of natural flavorings, extracts, and powders to see if one of them will fill in the void.  The problem is that the original form of the flavor dissipates with heat, so I am trying to find a type of it that will add the target flavor without causing temperature issues for the sanitation and sealing on the jars.  It really does taste great. 

It will be a few weeks while I wait for all these samples to arrive, although the first one has. I tried it, and I was really disappointed with it.  You could tell that at one point it tasted like it should, but you were left with all the underlying backgound flavors without the high notes that you were looking for.  I think the best way to describe it would be If you were listening to hardcore punk and all that you could here was the sounds from the DIY garage production booth, without the music actually kicking you in the teeth.

Maybe next time.