She blinded me with science.

One of the more enjoyable things I experienced while visiting with the latest co-packer was a demo of one of the products they make.  It's a hydrocolloid for thickening foods.  It's not something I plan on using in my product, but it was cool to see it work and see the excitement of the food scientist while she talked about it.  I have some to play with now, but will wait until I'm not dealing with my real job and what I guess is considered a "start-up."  I am going to pull together another test batch this weekend.

While there is currently nothing that I have found that is what I am doing, I am convinced there is a market for it with the suggested retail price we will hit.  There are many other high end condiments right at our price level.  So that fills me with hope.  I am hopefully only about a month out from having a product, and as soon as I do I will have it up on the website.