It's Heartbreaking, Really.

Another day in the lab.  Modified a few things in the recipe.  Had one wrong thing show up, and I used it. The natural flavor that I need to bolster the flavor cooked off completely.  So, to use a verbose and possibly confounding simile, the final was pretty much like the food equivalent of the right frame from Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights.  I guess it wasn't that bad.  But I can't be putting that mess in a jar with my Grammy's name on it.  The last batch was 10 times better.  Anyway, more orders are in for sample products and I hit it again next week.

I have a few weeks left to finalize the recipe if I hope to get to grocery stores by December, which is my goal.    I'm a touch stressed over the probability that I won't make my goal, but not so much that I am letting it rule my life, but if I hope to get some magazine coverage then it needs to stay on track.  The good news is that I have the label pretty close to finalized.  I just need to streamline the ingredients section, and have the label printer put in the UPC for me.  For whatever reason the UPC doesn't print well, but it is a live code and I have enough of them to move into a couple of more products in the next few years.  

Anyway.  Croque monsieurs for dinner, and then to make the biggest decision of the day, do I have Pepperidge Farms Brussels cookies or Bordeaux cookies.