You're Going to Feel a Slight Pinch

We just finished with the Christmas vacation rush at work, and it was aggressively busy, as usual.  I finally have a night off and I am currently awaiting a fine pizza delivery service to bring me a "light snack."  When I haven't been busy with my regular job I have been focusing on some graphic design work and recipe ideas for future products, so I am not really resting a whole lot, but that kinda comes with the turf.

My training for my half-marathon at Walt Disney World has been going swimmingly on top of everything else I am doing and in two weeks we will see the start of the Sundance Film Festival which will bring another round of madness to town and then it will be busy, but not painfully so like it is during Christmas break and Sundance. 

Still waiting for word from my co-packer as to when I can get in for the next phase of product development.  I'll be honest, it's not taking longer than I thought it would, it's been taking a whole lot longer, but such is life.

The design work I've been doing will probably see some t-shirts soon.  I'm pretty stoked on them and can't wait to get them up online, but not nearly as much as I would like to get sales of my first sauce going.