Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

Well, Sundance Film Festival is over and we did great at work, what with all the parties and what not.  I finally did the two-week test of the steak sauces and what I thought would be the sauce I wanted to build on has dropped out of the running.  Too many of the flavors intensified over the course of the two weeks and became cloying, even on a piece of meat.  So I am going to take one of the sauces that I wasn't sure about initially and build upon that one.  The flavors in it became quite enjoyable, it just needs a little more pep.  I am also going to test them after having sat in the refrigerator to see if any of the flavors close up.

Anyhow.  The big test run on the cocktail sauce is next week.  I have a new and improved batch of labels ready to go, and t-shirts should be available in the next few days.