"It's like salsa and cocktail sauce had a baby!"

The first few orders have shipped and I am pretty stoked on that, I have finally picked up the remaining bottles from the copacker and have them all stored away properly.  They are currently available for sale at the restaurant, too.

I really wanted to say how fun it was on the production day working with the crew there, I helped with cutting the vegetables, stirring the sauce as it cooked and also helped with the bottling.  I did not feel like I was in the way at all, either, thanks to my professional cooking background.  I want to help out every time we bottle if that is a possibility.  It's just fun being in there and seeing a different side of food production. 

I dropped off a couple of bottles with my local grocery store.  I have somewhat of a friendship with their cheesemonger, from back when we used to have a cheeseboard on our dessert menu at 350 Main Brasserie, and hopefully I will find my way onto their shelves in the near future.  She gave me some advice as to other-things I should prep in the way of presentation materials for sales pitches, which in all honesty are not my strong suit, but at least for now are something that I will have to handle and develop proficincy at.