The Train Kept a-Rollin...

I am in talks with a major chain Rocky Mountain region for placement of my sauce and working with another purveyor on a co-brand situation, so I am pretty excited about that.  My daughter is growing like a weed and it is starting to look more and more like she got my height.

I have started reading Entrepreneur magazine regularly, and in addition to any encouragement it offers me, it's nice when I am reading it and it validates business decisions I have made, not any one thing in particular or anything major at this point, but minor things that a lean bootstrap startup like mine should focus on and little decisions here and there, which have the potential to snowball...hopefully.

I have also tried to start reading business books, and let me tell you, finding a book on business that does not come across as a bizarro new-agey-capitalist-self-help book is next to impossible. But I think I found one that pretty much just covers the nuts and bolts of business terminology, and I have been slowly slogging through it, it's like reading stereo instructions but at least it's not trying to make me more lovable and capable.

There is one book I am reading that I only bought because it had been advertised on a Disney podcast I had listened to all winter while half-marathon training indoors.  I didn't really look into it too well and it turned out to be a self-helpy business book.  It is not a total loss though, the author has a fun writing voice at least and there is a lot of Disney history thrown in, which is exciting to be as a (very)distant relative of Walt's.

Anyway, I am on baby duty this afternoon, and then back to the restaurant tonight.  Take care, kiddos.