Smile, Darn Ya, Smile.

Well, I mocked up the label for the co-brand and it will be presented this Wednesday to the chain.  I am stoked with the way it turned out, but won't be heartbroken it the want it modified a bit, if it means they'll stock the sauce.  They just have a current look to the product they are carrying and want consistent branding, which if they sell it, is no worry of mine.

I finished the Disney business book and enjoyed it overall because there were a few little Disney tidbits in it that I did not know and a few I know to be false from all the other reading on Disney I have done.  I powered through another business book last night which I could tell I would hate within the first 10 pages or so. It took 200 pages to say what it could have in a short blog post.  It felt like it was mostly anecdotes and sales pitches for the authors other books and seminars.  Barf.

Later in the evening last night I started a book called The Introvert Entrepreneur.  So far, I am into it, since it seems to have a bit more applicable information for me.

Apropos of nothing, watch the series GLOW on Netflix, binge watching the second season was a very enjoyable way to spend the later part of my night with my ladyfriend and our daughter.