"Happy Birthday, Salsa Luminati" No, That's Salsalluminatti. "Sorry! Happy Birthday, Sauce Illuminati!" Nooooo, It's Salsalluminatti! "Sorry, Happy Birthday...to you."

We are now one year old and we just had our first full production run.  We, well, I, are pretty excited about that and will be meeting with some local grocery stores soon.  Production day went pretty uneventfully, which is great.  I haven't heard that the label machine is eating my labels like it did on the big batch test date, so I'll take that as a good sign.

This coming Sunday I am going to get back to home tests of future sauces, mostly just to double check the recipes to see that they will produce again properly, and then hopefully back into the lab to get these off the ground.  They are more sauces based on vegetables, and totally tomato paste free.  Keep that ketchup out of here.  It's great for burgers and fries, but keep it away from your steaks and seafood.

As always our sauce is for sale online so feel free to drop by and pick up a case or two and buy a couple of shirts while you're at it.