Company Core Values, Part 1, The Reckoning

I've been thinking about them a lot recently and figured I might as well get something down on digital paper. I'm going to work on these the next few weeks and come up with what defines our corporate culture, or some such babble.  Obviously first and foremost is...

1) Whole Vegetables- We do not manufacture condiments using tomato paste.  Tomato paste is a crutch in the condiment world and while it makes for an affordable sauce, it stifles creativity when there are so many other vegetables out there to base condiments on.  What we strive for is uniqueness, and we would rather approach common condiments obliquely and develop something with interest to it, as opposed to going head to head with powerhouses like Heinz and hope that one minor tweak is all it takes to differentiate ourselves.

2) Humor- In addition to our focus on unique flavors we feel that an irreverent, nonsensical sense of humor is key to setting ourselves apart and not coming off as a bunch of self-rightous, arrogant gatekeepers.  While we present different approach to our condiments, selling them from an elitist perspective will hinder our growth and we do not wish to be only associated with those "in the know." 

I don't know.  These are just a start and these are going to need some revising, but I do feel that this base is what has been a part of our culture thus far, and what is driving our other product development.