Smoke and Mirrors

I have been fitting in development for future sauces when I have time.  The steak sauce is still not where I want it and I cooked a new, different batch last week, but think I will have to do a few more little mods to it still.  We will see.  I also put down the first batch of a curry based sauce, but I know that is way off and I already know some changes I want to make for the next few tests.

I ordered some kola nut powder for a sauce I have been story boarding and will order ingredients for another sauce I have been making since my Martha's Vineyard days, which should be fairly easy to nail down in terms of product development, but now that I said that it's probably going to be a nightmare.

In other entirely unrelated and inane news, yesterday marked 60 days out from my vacation, so I did our Fastpass+ selections.  I did them only for the days when we are definitely going to the parks for dining and leaving the others blank, to give us freedom to do or not do things the other days, especially since I know we are going to make a trip to Tampa and meet up with some friends(and eat), and we need to do at least one day at Universal.

The other thing we are going to be doing in Florida, is volunteering for a shift at Give Kids the World Village.  It's a great non-profit that pairs with wish giving charities for families with children who have life threatening illnesses.  It allows them to visit the parks of central Florida, and provides them with a great vacation with plenty of entertainment if they are not feeling up to all the hubbub of Walt Disney World, Universal, and SeaWorld.

"It's like salsa and cocktail sauce had a baby!"

The first few orders have shipped and I am pretty stoked on that, I have finally picked up the remaining bottles from the copacker and have them all stored away properly.  They are currently available for sale at the restaurant, too.

I really wanted to say how fun it was on the production day working with the crew there, I helped with cutting the vegetables, stirring the sauce as it cooked and also helped with the bottling.  I did not feel like I was in the way at all, either, thanks to my professional cooking background.  I want to help out every time we bottle if that is a possibility.  It's just fun being in there and seeing a different side of food production. 

I dropped off a couple of bottles with my local grocery store.  I have somewhat of a friendship with their cheesemonger, from back when we used to have a cheeseboard on our dessert menu at 350 Main Brasserie, and hopefully I will find my way onto their shelves in the near future.  She gave me some advice as to other-things I should prep in the way of presentation materials for sales pitches, which in all honesty are not my strong suit, but at least for now are something that I will have to handle and develop proficincy at.

Testing, Testing, Sibilance, 1, 2, 3...

Update 1/9/18- So I have tasted all these batches freshly made and I think the sweet spot is a combo of the first batch and the sixth batch, but will wait to judge and do new modifications until they have rested for two weeks.  Sixth was awesome, but needs a little pick up from the first recipe.


Played around with a sauce I've been formulating in my head.  It's a steak sauce and the first two recipes tasted great, but are not what I want.  I will do three other recipes tomorrow and up this date then.  I will give them all a retry in two weeks since I'm canning them to see how they develop in the jar.

Yes, I have the Star Wars paper towels.

Yes, I have the Star Wars paper towels.