What People Are Saying About Salsalluminatti

"It's like salsa and cocktail sauce had a baby!"  -Steve, Park City, UT

"Oh, wow, that's volumptuous!" -Sarah, Puyallup, WA

"I should have bought cases of it when I had the chance.  I couldn't help but drown my shrimp in them." -Mark, Yorba Linda, CA

"It accents the flavor of oysters perfectly, allowing the briny flavor of East Coast oysters to shine, the vegetal notes of West Coast oysters to sing, and the whatever of Gulf Coast oysters to something." -Rick, Portland, OR

"It's a great dip for conch fritters! The greatest.  Let me tell you, you haven't had cocktail sauce like this before." Dawn, Miami, FL

"Have you tried it with lobstah? No, oh man, do it!" -Kevin, Chatham, MA

"Salsalluminatti might be selling the best seafood condiment known to man, but why won't they reveal that they are hiding the truth about Flat Earth.  Wake Up, Sheeple!  Steve, pass the shirmp and Salsalluminatti cocktail sauce." -Ray Ray, Park City, UT

"The government is manipulating the weather spraying chemtrails, just like Grandma Fitch's Gourmet Cocktail Sauce is manipulating my hunger." -Jim Bob, Redding, CA

"I have not had a better seafood cocktail sauce.  We almost dipped the crab shells in the sauce and ate them, it was so good!"  -Gregory, NOLA

"We are definitely not reptiloids in human masks." -Salsalluminatti Staff, Park City, UT

"Grandma Fitch's Gourmet Cocktail Sauce turns a Bloody Mary into the ultimate drink experiance!" -John, Lakeland, FL

"If we were part of a global conspiracy, why would be making condiments? Mind your business." -Salsalluminatti, Park City, UT

"Why would you abuse your seafood with a ketchup based sauce?" -Mary, Chicago, IL

"Whoa, weird, dude, that guy's face is falling off." -Some other dude, Park City, UT

"My human mask is falling off. Help me out Steve." -Not Salsalluminatti Staff, Park City, UT